How to cut out snowflakes for new year

How to cut out snowflakes for new year

Snowflakes – the frozen water crystals having a six-sided form. On closer examination it is possible to notice a unique equal form of each snowflake: sides are decorated by a thin ornament, and in the world there is no couple of identical snowflakes. Different snowflakes from paper with which the interior of dwellings for New year is traditionally decorated are same.

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Put a square sheet of paper in half on a diagonal two times. The rectangular triangle has to turn out.


Unbend not doubled corner on a third facing yourself. The right angle has to turn into a corner on 60 °.


(Facing you) unbend one half of the doubled corner so that it blocked before the unbent corner. The soulmate unbend in the opposite direction.


Cut off corners from wide edge of preparation. Apply drawing with a pencil on a snowflake. Consider that one party is equal 1/12 circles.


Cut out drawing strictly on the planned lines by means of scissors and a stationery knife.