For what virtual memory is necessary

For what virtual memory is necessary

The file of pumping is such file which is stored on the hard drive and is used by system for data storage which already simply cannot be located in random access memory.

The sponsor of placement P&G Article on the subject "For What Virtual Memory Is Necessary" How to define memory type on the computer How to increase memory frequency Why is not enough virtual memory Actually, virtual memory is all random access memory which works together with the file of pumping. All operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac os) determine the volume of virtual memory. It has to be enough. But if the set of programs, thus works for you at the personal computer at the same time also game is included or even some, virtual memory can be increased to lower load of the processor.

That to make it, press the right button "My computer", then click on an inscription of "Property". You opened a window. Select In the addition tab and press "Parameters". (In Windows Seven there is no Parameters button therefore it is necessary to press "Additional parameters of system".) In the appeared window select In the addition tab again, then press the Change button. In the new appeared window you can change the file of pumping.

For a start it is necessary to choose a disk which will be used for the file of pumping, it is desirable what is least of all loaded. Attention: do not use a disk with system! Then put a point/tick near an inscription "The special size". Further in the field of "Initial Size" establish the smallest value of the file of pumping, and in the field "Maximum Size" - the greatest value of the file of pumping.

The minimum value is recommended to be put one and a half times more, than all random access memory, and the maximum value is recommended to put 5000-6000 Mb. To get rid of the file of pumping on other local disks, it is necessary to choose a disk from the list and to put a tick near an inscription "Without file of pumping". Now press "Ok" that all operations on the personal computer completely remained.