How to buy goods in foreign shop

How to buy goods in foreign shop

It is no secret that many goods in foreign shops can be acquired cheaper, than at us. It and sales of brand things in the western shopping centers and interesting things from the Korean designers in Asian shops. But before the potential buyer from Russia there are many problems as to make it. Here both language barrier, and payment methods and deliveries. Nevertheless, if you manage to deal with it, shopping in foreign shops will start bringing you pleasure.

It is required to you

- phrasebook;
- Internet;
- money;
- card of PayPal;
- AliPay card.

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If you arrived abroad to holiday or business trip and decided to do some shopping, to you it is simpler. It is enough to have at itself a pocket phrasebook and money in local currency. The seller himself is interested in that you did not leave him without purchase therefore will help to break a language barrier in process of the forces. Find in a phrasebook the translation of the phrase "How much is it?" and show on the thing which was pleasant to you. If measure clothes, look in a phrasebook as will be in local language of the word "more" and "less", and the skilled seller will bring you your size and will write cost on a sheet of paper or will show on fingers. You need only to pay for purchase.


If you order goods in foreign online store, it is necessary to make some things. Be convinced that it is large shop, look for comments on him on the Internet. If users at forums tell about the purchases and recommend this site, safely be registered on it. If you do not know language, simply use a free online translator. Besides, there is a set of the intermediary firms ready for a certain percent from the cost of goods to order for you goods though in pygmies from Africa.


In most cases for implementation of purchases in online stores the PayPal account is necessary. Asian shops prefer AliPay. For this purpose you should address to the nearest bank and month later a desired card will be at you in hands.


After you took away a card from bank, enter requisites in your account on the site and go to virtual shop behind purchases. Farther actions same, as well as in the Russian online stores – add the pleasant goods to cart, confirm, write the postal address, and purchase from any place on the earth flies to you.