How to create a photo framework

How to create a photo framework

The frame giving photos completeness and allowing to give better a picture is created in the Adobe Photoshop program extremely simply. For this purpose it is required to choose the most suitable option from hundreds offered only.

It is required to you

Adobe Photoshop CS2 or above.

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Draw the photo in Photoshop or find it through a dialog box ("File" –> "to Open"). When the photo opens, by means of rectangular allocation allocate that part of the image where the frame will not be. Then in the Allocation menu press "Inversion". As a result of these manipulations at you it will appear the photo allocated that part which in the future will become a frame.


Then open the panel of layers the F7 button. Copy a fragment on a new layer – (Ctrl+J). Thus you have an opportunity to modify only a frame. Other part of the image at the subsequent operations will not be mentioned.


The right button press on a layer with a frame, and choose "Imposing parameters" from the revealed menu. A window which after this "Style of a layer" will open, called. This window has a set of settings and options which give great opportunities for creation of a framework – practically for every taste. You can make a strict and simple black inking or a beautiful color frame with texture, shadows, gloss and other effects.


First of all, pay attention to the Stamping point and its subparagraphs "Contour" and "Texture". Here you can choose a pattern for future frame. In the program there is a set of already ready textures for all occasions. There is an opportunity to adjust the extent of texture, its force, depth, sharpness and some other parameters.
Other point – "Imposing of color", allows to choose color for future frame, brightness, contrast and many other things. Besides, the frame can be made translucent. In the Stamping menu it is possible to adjust effects so that the frame looked volume, three-dimensional. It is also possible to impose gradients, luster, a luminescence, shadows and a lot of things many other things. In general here it is possible to find hundreds of various settings and options. – experiment the best council with settings. It is often possible to receive unexpected and unusual result.