How to treat a stomach at a dog

How to treat a stomach at a dog

Ulcer – not the only, but rather often found stomach disease at dogs. Application of anti-inflammatory preparations is the main reason of its emergence. Stresses can have a certain negative impact. But in general, stomach ulcer at a dog – a sign of weakening of her general state.

It is required to you

- essence and juice for Aloe drink belief;
- powders of bark of an elm rusty;
- pectin;
- L-glyutamin.

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Symptom of an ulcer at dogs is vomiting which arises even at an empty stomach. In emetic masses blood is visible. Kal of an animal has black color. For improvement you a lot of things can make fortunes of the pet.

Feed an animal more often. Divide a usual portion into 2 or 3 receptions, it will allow to neutralize effect of acid. At wide intervals between feedings stomach ulcer progresses.

Do not feed a dog with high-calorific food. Reduce protein content in an animal diet to 20%. Give more digestible food – cottage cheese, boiled potatoes and rice, hard-boiled eggs, chicken. Do not feed up an animal scraps from a table.

Get flower essence of the Aloe belief. Add it to drinking water. To dogs which weight less than 15 kg, daily give 1ch.l. the Aloe juice belief intended for drink, larger – 2 tbsps. These measures will help to normalize work of a stomach, to eliminate nausea and to accelerate treatment. Do not use gel at all.

Get powders of bark of an elm rusty. Part to a pastelike state, give 3-4 times per day in intervals between feedings. To dogs weighing up to 15 kg in one step no more than a half of a teaspoon, larger – 1 dining room. If powders did not manage to be found, get capsules. Their contents also get divorced water to a pastelike state.

Use pectin. It covers the angry surface of a stomach that promoting healing. Pectin should be given at the rate of 50 mg on weight kg of an animal once a day.

Vitamins will help to accelerate recovery. Get L-glyutamin. It is amino acid which is recommended to be used for treatment mucous not only a stomach, but also all organism. An animal which weight less than 15 kg, give 50, and larger 100 mg a day.

As well as people, at dogs have complications. The condition of an animal sharply changes. There is a vomiting, diarrhea, quickly increasing weakness. In this case the animal can rescue only the urgent appeal to veterinary clinic.