How to wake up the beautiful?

How to wake up the beautiful?
Falling asleep with the beloved, the rare woman is not excited by a question: "And how to wake up same beautiful and charming?" Actually there is nothing difficult. So, how to wake up in the morning of the beautiful?
Rule No. 1: Never to fall asleep with cosmetics. All the matter is that process of renewal of cells of skin is started exactly at night therefore the skin cleared since evening is capable to accept as much as possible all useful components of night creams and tonics.
Rule No. 2: Even at first you should not fill up acquaintances to a make-up. Really psychologists agree with this statement, to be exact, agree that men equally, as well as women, love people with their advantages and - strangely enough - with their shortcomings!
Rule No. 3: To look beautiful since morning - it is possible! Yes, it is valid, it so. For a start it is necessary to remember some conditions:
- night cream is applied at least in 30 minutes prior to a dream, the easy tapping movements. The remains of cream should be removed surely a napkin.
- you should not sleep on a stomach, differently since morning the rumpled look - is guaranteed.
- for the night it is not necessary to drink! This one of the main conditions.
- small cunning: try to use autosuntan. Visually it does skin more exactly, and shapes of a body - are more harmonous.
One more cunning - for the most courageous - a permanent make-up. The skilled expert is capable to level to you the line of eyebrows, to emphasize a contour of lips and since morning you already will hardly feel uncomfortablly.