How to learn the size of a ring of the man

How to learn the size of a ring of the man

The thought of making to darling pleasant, turned at you in the head for a long time, but only was now issued in concrete desire? You decided to buy it a ring. Fine gift: beautiful, stylish, elegant, besides will constantly remind darling of you. Only there is one "but" - you have no concept, what size of a ring at your man.

It is required to you

- ring sample,
- pencil,
- ruler,
- sheet of paper,
- threads.

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Everything is very simple - borrow a ring which is carried by your man, and to carry it secretly in shop for determination of the size. Jewelers and sellers always have in an arsenal a special adaptation which allows to calculate the finger size on a sample which you will bring. The ring is simply put on a special stick with notches, and a place on which it will stop, will precisely show its size. The method has one quite essential shortcoming – it is not always possible to borrow imperceptibly a ring at the person, without having caused excess suspicions.


If the beloved carries the only ring constantly, and removes only before going to bed, you can use in a different way for determination of its size. Simply put a ring on a sheet of paper and accurately lead round on external and inside. To avoid possible errors, it is better to make some drawings. The size of a ring is determined by diameter from one inner edge to another. If doubt, can come in jeweler directly with a sheet of paper on which your sketches flaunt. Together with more skilled seller-jeweler you without effort will be able to define the necessary figure and to pick up a gift of the necessary size.


If your darling does not carry rings in general. The most difficult way as here precisely you can determine the size only together with the man. Try to contrive and tie the necessary finger with a thread or a slice of a yarn while the man sleeps. Paper strips which need to manage to be wound round a finger not bad are suitable for the same purposes and to note a junction.