How to keep information on the hard drive

How to keep information on the hard drive

Traveling on boundless open spaces of the Internet or studying contents of the hard drive on the system unit of the friend, you can find information which want to copy on the computer. For storage of information various formats are used. Not all formats are supported by the most known browsers. Sometimes it is required to install special programs to open any file.

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computers, browsers Internet Exploer, Opera, Mozilla FireFox

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If you use the oldest and most known Internet Explorer browser, for saving of the web document on the winchester in the main menu choose "File", then "To keep as". In a window "File type" open the list with types of files which this browser supports. If you select the Web Page Completely (*.htm, *.html) item, on your hard drive the text created by means of the table of a marking of HTML will be kept. If on the page images contained, they will be kept in the separate folder.


The following item in this list "Web Archive, One File (*.mht)". In this case all page remains on the hard drive entirely, together with the text, images and scripts, in the form of one compact file. Having opened on the hard drive the document in the .mht format, you will see the page just the same as it looked on the Internet where you for the first time met.


Choice "The web page, only html (*.htm, *.html) means that on the hard drive the text marked in HTML and, perhaps, some images remains.
Well and, at last, point "The text file (*.txt) will keep information on the hard drive in the form of the text document in the .txt format.


The Opera browser offers for saving of information on the hard drive the following formats:
- HTML file
- The HTML file with images
- Web archive (only file)
- Text file
These formats are similar to what are used by Internet Exploer.


If you want to keep the image on the hard drive, click on it right mouse button. In a context menu select the Keep the Image as … item then specify a place on your computer where the graphic file will be stored.


To keep on the hard drive information from other carrier, click two times on the My Computer badge, then on a logical disk open the folder in which you are going to place the file. In the right top corner press a badge of two screens to curtail the folder into a window. Open the carrier (an optical disk, a flash disk, etc.) on which information contains, and also curtail it. Hook right mouse button on a badge of the file and, without releasing, drag it in the necessary folder. Release and in a context menu select the Copy or Move item.