How to make the TV antenna

How to make the TV antenna

To accept television signals in such places where already insufficiently ordinary room antenna, the device which is specially made of make-shifts perfectly will approach. You will be able to make rather effective and simple antenna only of couple of cans from under drink or beer.

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Before works stock up with two half liter cans, get a soldering iron and gumboil, and also an insulating tape (it is possible an adhesive tape), a cable of power supply of the antenna (RG-58 or similar), a drill with a drill five or the six.


Drill an opening with a diameter about five-six millimeters in the center of a bottom of one of cans. Through this opening then carry out a cable then bring him outside through the top part banks which will be the left half of a radiator of waves. The bottom thus will appear on the right side.


Smooth out the put-forward end of a cable on distance approximately in 15 mm, fluff up banks on a surface and solder to it. Exempt the central conductor from isolation on 3 mm and solder to the middle of a bottom of the second can.


In this place the soldering should be carried out by means of a narrow soldering iron because the crack between banks has to turn out minimum. Now both banks will be consistently located. Roll up a crack between them two turns of an insulating tape for fixing of the size of a crack, and also protect from bad weather the soldering the same insulating tape. If that near at hand is not present, also the adhesive tape or at least a rag will fit.