How to prepare meat salad from spaghetti?

How to prepare meat salad from spaghetti?
If decide to prepare this salad, it is not necessary anything else, unless easy vegetable salatik to it. Completely self-sufficient food, is both macaroni, and meat, both vegetables and sauce in the form of mayonnaise here. The universal, nourishing, but demanding some time for preparation and very unusual dish.

Necessary products

500 grams of pork
500 grams of spaghetti
500 grams of cabbage
Two carrots
One bulb
Two – three garlic gloves
Vegetable oil
Vinegar tablespoon
Salt and black pepper


We boil to readiness in the added some salt spaghetti water. We throw back on a colander, we allow to flow down to water, we add vegetable oil. We grease a bottom of a flat dish with mayonnaise and a hill we spread spaghetti.

We cut meat small slices, we fry to semi-readiness. While meat is fried, we rub carrot on a large grater, we mix with the garlic which is squeezed out through a press, we pepper to taste, we fill in with the heated vegetable oil (it it is necessary a little). We mix. We cut cabbage straws, we add to the fried meat, we extinguish to readiness. With meat we add a vinegar tablespoon to ready cabbage. We spread on spaghetti, from above carrot and we cover everything with mayonnaise. We put in the refrigerator at some o'clock that salad became impregnated.