How to determine board width

How to determine board width

The board is one of the most widespread types of the unique natural raw materials (wood of coniferous and deciduous breeds of trees) perfectly suitable for construction works. It is used not only for a construction of various designs from a tree, but also and in the course of internal and external finishing of rooms, for production of furniture and other components of an interior.

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As a rule, in construction the board, which thickness of 10 cm and less (is used at width relation to thickness 2 and less), and its length no more than 6,5 m (coniferous breeds) and no more than 5 m (deciduous breeds). But in exceptional cases, for example, for special constructions, the board which length can reach 9 m is applied and carried out by the special order. Thickness and width of this type of timber are determined by a range, i.e. its structure by brand, a profile and the sizes.

In particular, width is the size determined by an interval between edges of a board in the direction, perpendicular a longitudinal axis. It is measured on wider longitudinal surface in that place where is absent obzol (the lateral external part of a log which remained after its sawing up), but not less than 1500 mm from an end face. In that place where measurement of width of a board is made, there should not be dents, notches and chips.

Width of the cut board (which is sawn round so that it does not contain bark on lateral edges) is determined by a wide (internal) surface in a point spent on drink both edges. Its width usually twice exceeds thickness. If the board not cut (edges are not sawn round or sawn round partially), its width is calculated so: width of both spheres in the middle of length of a board develops and halved. In practice, as a rule, width of not cut board is defined in the middle of its length without one.

At record of timber use three numbers one of which is length in meters, another - width in centimeters and the last - thickness in millimeters. For example: record 5х16x50 means that it is a five-meter board 16 cm wide and 50 mm thick. Breed, a grade and degree of a sawn-off shotgun are specified by words at the beginning of record.

It should be notedIt should be noted that there are six grades of the timber received from coniferous breeds. The board of the first and second grade is used for floors, joiner's products, the bearing beams, glued designs, etc., the third - for the ceiling device under plaster. The board of the fourth grade is applied to a roof obreshetka, fences, etc., of timber of the fifth grade make boxes, and also they are used in panel board partitions, etc.