How to decorate a belt

How to decorate a belt

The belt is a remarkable accessory! It can not only supplement and decorate in a magic way your image, but also to emphasize a waist. Happens that the old thong already bothered, and new obviously something is not enough. Such problem can be solved easily, having decorated a belt.

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The thong can be changed, having added it with various pastes, paillettes, beads, beads or even buttons. Such additional elements as beads, buttons, beads and paillettes are sewn by means of a needle and a thread. It is important that color of threads was combined with color of a belt. This jewelry can be sewn chaotically on all belt, to make of them any pattern, or to cover all surface of an accessory. As for pastes, they are pasted usually. Glue has to be colourless not to spoil all composition an additional shade. Also it is possible to attach various badges and brooches to a belt.

Embroidery – excellent option for decoration of a belt. It is possible to stitch, for example, a contour of a belt or even to embroider with a beautiful thread small drawing.

Now the huge number of removable buckles for belts is on sale. It is one of the easiest solutions of a problem. Simply get the buckle which was pleasant to you and attach it to your belt.

Besides, the belt can be tied in beautiful knot, that is not to use a buckle for its fixing, and it is simple to tie two tips of a belt in situation necessary to you.

Sheathe a belt fabric. For this purpose you will need two slices of fabric similar according to the invoice and combined on color. For example, take a slice of beige and blue knitted fabric. Beige reel up on a belt so that it evenly covered it completely, then fix. A blue slice wrap up a buckle and too fix it, using threads. Thus, you receive very unusual and fashionable belt.