How to prepare salads with squids

How to prepare salads with squids
How to prepare salads with squids

Squid – useful and tasty ingredient for salad. It contains a large amount of iodine, vitamins and mineral substances, simply to train him, and in combination with different products from it interesting flavoring miniatures turn out.

The preparation time of 27 minutes is required to you squids - 500 g; eggs - 6 pieces; onion - 1 piece; cucumbers fresh - 3 pieces; corn tinned - 1 bank; pineapple tinned - 1 bank; mayonnaise; salt to taste. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Salads with Squids" How to prepare a black radish How to salt a salmon How to dry a squid


If you got meat of a squid in the frozen look, defreeze it correctly, differently color and taste of a product can be spoiled. For this purpose use cold water or, as a last resort, the microwave oven. But do not defreeze squids in hot water at all.

Wash out the defrozen seafood under cold flowing water, and then carefully remove from them a transparent thin skin which can serve as the reason of an unpleasant smell when cooking a product. Then slightly beat off pulp that it was not pulled together in a preparation time.

Boil squids, having thrown them into the boiling added some salt water for 3-4 minutes. After that get seafood, cast away them on a colander and let's them cool down.

Prepare easy and classical option of salad. For this purpose cut fillet of squids thin rings, add small cut boiled eggs, dress with mayonnaise, salt, pepper and carefully mix.

Add small cut onions and fresh cucumbers to the salad described above, and at you to turn out one more option of salad. And if to replace cucumbers with boiled potatoes – the third.

The recipe with pineapples will be suitable for fans of exotic salads. Cut squids straws, add to them tinned corn, boiled eggs and it is a little pineapple cut in small cubes. Mix everything, dress with mayonnaise and salt to taste. If it turns out too sweet for you, sprinkle slightly salad lemon juice.

Prepare salad with squids and tinned peas. For this purpose cut fillet of squids and fresh cucumbers thin straws, add to them the crabsticks, tinned peas wiped on a large grater of egg, green onions and a little small cut parsley. Mix all components with mayonnaise and put in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.