How to get an injector

How to get an injector

Injector engines have a number of advantages over the carburetor. Economic fuel consumption, increase in engine capacity, improvement of dynamic properties of the engine, easy start-up, reliability, durability – there is more to come advantages of an injector. But as well as with any engine, with injector too there can be problems. For example, at start.

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There are such cases when you, having woken up in the morning, take the wheel of the car, turn the ignition key, and the car is not started. In what the reason? It can be:
Wear of candles. Then you clean them or establish the new.

The starter is faulty. Look, whether reliably it fastens.

Insufficient level of oil in the engine.

The accumulator is discharged. It is the most widespread option.

In a fuel-supply line a lot of ice accumulated, and it does not allow gasoline to pass in the engine. This option is possible only in the winter.


Your actions for start of the injector engine have to be arranged as follows:
If you could not start the car from the second, third time, it is not necessary more to try to get. Turn on a passing beam of headlights for 2 minutes. It will warm up the accumulator.

Before start you need to squeeze out coupling, and then smoothly to release. If you have an automatic transmission, squeeze out nothing – fuels and so will be enough. If it did not turn out to get from the first, few times repeat attempt with an interval of 10-15 seconds.

If the car was not started, look under a cowl, whether the accumulator is rather charged and whether conductings to plugs reliably fasten. Ask somebody "to light" your car. If all above-mentioned did not help, address in service.

If the car was started, do not hurry to go at way. Let the engine will get warm. Especially it actually in the winter.


Do not try to start the injector car from "pusher" at all. To anything good it will not lead.