How to do a bathroom

How to do a bathroom

The bathroom in modern life is an integral part of rest and relaxation. Every morning begins with that the person visits a bathroom and it is gathered cheerfulness for all day. In the evening this room helps to have a rest and completely to distract from the working day. Therefore it is very important that the design of a bathroom gave feeling of pleasure and comfort.

It is required to you

furniture, tools, materials for decoration of the walls, floors, a ceiling, mixers, accessories, bathroom equipment.

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Considering a bathroom interior, it is necessary to take care of a practicality and comfort of this room. It is also necessary to pay attention to installation of good ventilation that the bathroom could serve long.


Before starting registration of a bathroom, it is necessary to decide on style in which it will be executed. Style of an interior of a bathroom completely depends on preferences of the owner, his tastes and interests. Depending on the attitude, it is possible to create in a bathroom smart apartments in classical style or a retro, to build an intimate corner in light pink tones with interesting light decisions or to create a paradise garden with various exotic plants and the corresponding landscape on walls. All design will depend on individual imaginations and financial opportunities.


Also at creation of design of a bathroom it is necessary to think and of furniture which in it will settle down. Now its choice is very great. It is possible to use furniture both in classical option, and in style of an art deco, a modernist style and in the rural. The smart angular furniture will allow to create an interesting and unique interior. Also bathing it is possible to equip with the glass and mirror lockers trimmed with a tree, metal or plastic. Elegance and beauty of a bathroom it is well underlined original lamps and mirrors.


Choosing color scale for a bathroom, it is necessary to rely not only on the preferences, but also on compliance to color scale to all apartment. You should not forget that this room has to bring comfort and rest therefore it is better to use pleasant and gentle tone. Light sated tone do a bathroom big and fresh, and multi-colored coloring – cozy.


Important detail of a bathroom is mixers, they not only decorate an interior, but also bring convenience and comfort.