How to do salad with croutons

How to do salad with croutons
How to do salad with croutons

Already you will surprise nobody with the salad containing in the structure, croutons. However in your forces to make this salad memorable and incredibly tasty. Everything depends on ingredients.

The preparation time of 22 minutes is required to you 150 g of spaghetti; 2 paprikas of average size; 3-4 pickles; 200 g of sausage; 1 bulb; stale white loaf; olive few garlic. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Do Salad with Croutons" How to prepare tasty vinaigrette How to treat guests How to prepare a herring cutlets


Prepare bread for croutons. For this purpose cut stale bread with cubes of the identical size. For these purposes it is better to use well ground knife.

Mix olive oil with small chopped or passed through a chesnokodavilka garlic. Water with this mix small squares of bread and let's become impregnated.

Dry croutons in an oven. At first lay a baking sheet paper. Then lay out the small squares of bread impregnated with oil on paper and place them in an oven. Bake within 6-8 minutes at a temperature of 220 degrees. Take out croutons from an oven, shift to a plate, cool.

Will boil water. Boil spaghetti in the boiling added some salt water. Reject ready pasta on a colander. Wait so far all water will flow down and well cool.

Prepare paprika. For this purpose well wash up it, dry, remove all seeds and cut small thin straws.

Clear an onion. Sharp knife onions straws.

Be engaged in preparation of boiled sausage and pickles. You will need to cut them as well as onions with pepper, small thin straws.

Mix all ingredients in a big bowl. Fill salad with olive oil and salt to taste. Lay out ready salad in a salad bowl. Bon appetit!