How to issue women's clothing shop

How to issue women's clothing shop

The market of women's clothing is oversaturated today. In the conditions of fierce competition owners of business should use an integrated approach for involvement of buyers. The correct registration of women's clothing shop - the important factor allowing to attract clients.

It is required to you

- money;
- services of the designer.

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Decide on the concept of your shop. The design has to correspond to positioning of your trademark. For example, the boutique with clothes for the business lady not has to look is elaborate and is grandiose, and the shop of evening dresses, on the contrary, demands creation of the solemn atmosphere. If the budget allows, resort to services of the professional designer.


Irrespective of style of the sold clothes and the budget, you can issue shop in a universal key. Give preference to accurate lines and strict proportions. Thus try to smooth acute angles and to avoid so-called "spatial labyrinths" which will block a consumer stream. Try to divide a floor space into zones according to clothes collections, for example, "jersey on shelves", "clothes on arms", "accessories on a rack". These zones can be allocated with different shades of one leading color. If you sell under one brand some lines (youth, casual, etc.), choose uniform color scale, but for differentiation of collections use a different decor. For example, in a clothes zone for youth add bright posters or lamps in futuristic style.


Use in registration of shop no more than three flowers, thus give preference to pastel shades. The similar color scale will visually expand and will improve space. Try not to overload a floor space with an excessive decor as it will distract attention from the clothes.


Think over light decisions. Illumination has to be directed on arms and regiments that the buyer could estimate adequately color scale of clothes. Very effectively in a trading floor the zone of cash desk with illumination looks: it becomes the visual center of space about which it is pleasant to be.


The most optimum registration of a show-window are dummies with the picked-up images. Try to combine on them as much as possible clothes: buyers can have a desire to buy all components of the image presented on a show-window. In a trading floor also place dummies that clients saw ready stylistic decisions.