How to prepare rolls with topping?

How to prepare rolls with topping?
Rolls can be made with a stuffing of jam, and it is possible to bake simply rich fluffy rolls. If decide to do without stuffing, it is possible to put more sugar in dough.

That is required for preparation

Two eggs (one in dough and one for greasing of rolls)
50 grams of margarine
200 ml. warm milk
On three tablespoons of sugar and vegetable oil
Tea spoon of dry yeast
Two – two and a half glasses of a flour
Half of a tea spoon of salt
Bag of vanilla sugar
For a stuffing any jam (dense) or jam, jam.

For topping

On a tablespoon of butter and sugar
Two – three tablespoons of a flour


Yeast it is mixed with sugar, we fill in with warm milk and we stir in it two – three tablespoons of a flour. We cover, we put in heat and we allow a support to rise.
In a ready support we pour in the kindled margarine (it to cool to room temperature), we add one egg, sugar, salt, vanilla sugar, we add parts the sifted flour and we start kneading dough. At the end of a batch to pour in vegetable oil and it is once again good to knead dough. To put it in the oiled pan, to cover and allow to approach.

When dough well rises, to press down it, to divide into 12 – 14 slices. To roll from them balls, then to make a flat cake of each ball, on the middle to put a tea spoon of a stuffing and to pinch edges. To make a round roll, to put it a seam down on the oiled baking sheet. Between rolls to leave small distance. To allow them to rise, grease with egg, to strew with topping and to bake in the oven warmed to 180 degrees till golden color.

Topping. In a deep pan to connect all ingredients, fingers to pound in a small crumb.