How to arrange the two-room apartment

How to arrange the two-room apartment

To solve how to arrange the two-room apartment, it is necessary to decide on a functional orientation of each room in it. The choice of furniture and design of the room in general will depend on it.

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The interior choice for a bathroom, a toilet and kitchen usually is possible, after all it is clear to all for what these rooms are necessary and what there to put. In a toilet and a bathroom it is necessary to buy bathroom equipment, and in kitchen a plate, lockers, a dining table and chairs or a kitchen corner.


Most often in two-room apartments one room is done to the nursery, and the second – a bedroom for parents and a drawing room at the same time. Paste over walls in the room for children with wall-paper of light shades, hang up light tulle and curtains from organza, lay a soft carpet or an oriental carpet of pastel flowers on a floor. To the nursery it is necessary to put as little as possible furniture that to the child there was enough place for games less danger to be traumatized from blow about something. Therefore in this room it is possible to manage a bed, a table and a chair. Do not forget about sufficient illumination of the center of the room where the child plays also a workplace.


The second room can be issued in any style from a modernist style to classics. The main thing to keep functionality of space. It is possible to make it by means of suitable furniture and zoning of the room. Arrange in one part of the room a recreation area, put there a sliding sofa on which it will be possible both to sit, and to sleep and the TV. In other part of the room allocate a place under a desk with the computer – the working zone will turn out. To separate two parts of the room, different in functionality, it is possible by means of an arrangement of furniture, screens, bed curtains, decorative partitions or color of walls and a floor.


If you are not going to do the nursery, it is possible to allocate the smaller room under a study and library, and to leave the second for a bedroom and a drawing room. In the working room there have to be as little as possible details, capable to distract your attention. Besides, it is better to execute walls not in bright paints, on a floor to lay a wooden parquet, a laminate and a small carpet. Put a good desk, a convenient computer chair, the computer, phone, bookcases and regiments to this room. Absence in an interior of excess details and bright flowers will allow you to concentrate on the work.


Other option of a situation of the two-room apartment: the smaller room becomes a bedroom, and the second – a drawing room or the dining room. Make a bedroom in warm light shades, put a warm carpet or a big carpet on a floor, put a double bed and the TV there. On both sides from a bed it is convenient to put bedside tables with lamps on which it will be possible to put different small things: points, phone, the panel from the TV, etc.


In a drawing room put a big soft corner and a table at which you with the relatives will be able to drink tea or to celebrate holidays. It is quite good to put in it the TV, the audio system or any musical instrument – that is that will allow you and your guests to have a good time.