How to bake the Italian cut long loaf?

How to bake the Italian cut long loaf?
It is the classical recipe of preparation of bread very popular in Italy where it is called "the sir kazerechio". The real rural bread, tasty, fragrant, soft with a thick crisp.

Necessary products

700 grams of a flour
400 ml. warm water
Salt teaspoon
Half of a teaspoon of sugar
15 grams of yeast (fresh, not dry)


To pound yeast with sugar and salt, to pour in warm water and to leave for half an hour. Then to add the sifted flour, to knead dough. It is not necessary to pour in oil, dough is well kneaded without oil addition. It is necessary to knead minutes 15, then it will become elastic and will not stick to hands. To put in spacious ware, to cover. Now it is possible or to leave in heat on three – four hours or to clean in the refrigerator for about six hours – seven. It is possible to get dough since evening and for the night to clean in the refrigerator, and to bake fresh bread in the morning.
When dough rises, carefully to shift it to the baking sheet strewed with a flour and to give the form of a long loaf. It is not necessary to rumple dough, differently the structure of dough will be broken. To cover bread and to leave in heat for an hour for rise. To make notches on a diagonal, to put in an oven, to bake half an hour at a temperature of 200 degrees.