How to protect itself from inflation

How to protect itself from inflation

To store money in a stocking — a certain way to lose them. All money irrespective of the country of origin, face value and an exchange rate has property to depreciate. Therefore it is necessary to think of how to protect itself from inflation seriously.

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The first and easiest way to save money from inflation – to put funds for the bank deposit. The income from such investments is possible at placement of the large sums (in some million rubles). If your savings it is less, be not upset: the deposit — a certain way to keep your money, the percent on a contribution will not allow inflation "to eat" accumulation. Besides, you will not be limited in management of your savings: his owner can take away money from the deposit at any time.


One more way of preservation of sums of money — investment into mutual funds (mutual investment funds) of bonds. The income on them exceeds percent on a contribution, that is inflations are slightly higher. However are put in shares at least for three years. To get money from them when likes, you will not be able.


Well-tried remedy against inflation — an investment in precious metals. Most expensive from them, of course, gold which pays for itself only in the long term (from 20 to 30 years). On short terms it is better to be put in silver especially as it much volatilny (volatility - big difference of the price) gold, that is on take-off and falling of a course it is possible to earn not bad.


If you need to save from depreciation especially large sums (from 700 thousand rubles), it is most reasonable to put them in purchase of real estate. The housing problem in our country is particularly acute. The acquired real estate can or be leased, thereby ensuring the stable income, or to resell at higher price. The real estate in the short term will not become cheaper, so, you will be able to keep not simply your means, but also to increase greatly.


One more option of preservation of accumulation – purchase of the structured products. Today they are offered by the majority of investment companies. The structured products combine in themselves investments in various financial instruments. Among them is risky (actions, currencies, futures, indexes of developing countries), and there are more reliable (mutual funds of bonds, precious metals, the closed mutual funds of real estate). If on one tools the money invested by you loses", others offset loss. Anyway the investment in the structured products not only will block inflation, but also will give you chance to earn.