How to prepare houses boiled pork

How to prepare houses boiled pork
How to prepare houses boiled pork

Boiled pork - a tasty delicacy which prepares from pork. For this purpose choose premium meat, cervical part or scapular, and also pulp of a hind leg. In a preparation time use various spices for strengthening of taste and aroma of an initial product. Meat is baked at a certain temperature and given on a table, both in hot, and in the cooled option.

The preparation time of 30 minutes is required to you meat with fat - 2 kg salt peppercorn bay leaf a paprika cardamom a foil a baking sheet red table wine - 500 ml garlic - 1 piece carrots - 1 piece. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Houses Boiled Pork" How to prepare a rabbit for New year How to stew sourcrout How to prepare tasty belyash



For preparation of boiled pork it is necessary to take an integral piece of meat and carefully to wash out it cool water, then to cut off excess fat at the edges. Further dry a towel and for a while postpone. It is best of all to do it a day before preparation - thus, meat will manage to dry out enough.


Clear a head of garlic and rub on a small grater, leave some cloves and cut lengthways. Mix spices and carefully rastolkit in a flour by means of a mortar or the coffee grinder. Peel carrots and cut small brusochka, such that they had a parallelepiped form. Small cut fat. It needs to be cooled in advance. In a piece of meat make deep cuts and put on a piece of garlic and carrots there, from above lard fat. Grate meat with mix from spices and garlic.


To pour red wine in superficial capacity, the enameled pan or a ceramic bowl best of all approaches. To put there a piece of meat so that liquid borrowed 2/3 from a surface. In such look to leave a piece on one or two days in a dry cool place. It is possible to take out on a balcony in the winter.


After that to get meat from a pan or a bowl and to lay out on the baking sheet which is previously laid by parchment paper and a foil. To wrap a piece in a foil so that it closed all surface of meat completely. Should not look out any centimeter of meat, so the product will better become impregnated with spices and will not dry up in the course of roasting.


It is necessary to bake boiled pork pi to temperature of 200 degrees, within two hours. Degree of readiness is determined by a smell and color of the liquid following from meat. For this purpose, by a fork or a knife do an accurate puncture and watch what color juice inside. If it a transparent, so product is ready and it can be got from an oven safely.


Lay out boiled pork on a big flat dish, and decorate with fresh vegetables, marinated mushrooms and a large number of greens. Cut across fibers big pieces.