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How to create SMS billing

SMS billing represents such way of electronic calculations which is perfromed byby cellular communication. The visitor visits the website, having become interested in goods or service, sends a SMS message to short number. From its account a certain sum is withdrawn, and it receives the chosen service or goods.

It is required to you

- computer;
- Internet.

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Connect service of SMS billing on the site for payment of goods or services. This function can be used for providing paid services at forums, dating sites, online games, SMS Chats and votes, game servers of multiplayer games, file hosting services and so on.

Use already ready service for connection of SMS billing on the site. For example, pass to the page of such http://sms-billing Examine conditions of providing service in the section "Rules of Use". If you accept all rules, press "Registration" or "To connect service". Enter login and the password in system, the e-mail address, this field is obligatory for filling.

Enter at desire number ICQ and login into Skype, then choose a way of registration – as physical or as the legal entity. Enter the surname, a name and a middle name. Then specify contact phone, it is desirable mobile. Enter number in the international format (+380 …).

Choose a way of receiving money i.e. where you want to receive means which users will send by means of SMS from the dropping-out list. It can be Yandex money system, Web money. Also you can choose Account Replenishment of the Mobile option.

Further enter number of a purse or the mobile phone on which money will go. Be attentive at introduction of figures. Then choose currency of display and calculations, enter a protective code from the picture.

Establish a tag in the field of "I Agree with Rules", press the Send button to make SMS billing on the site. After activation of an account pass to the site and click "To create the project".

Choose a type of the project, press "Further". In the following window enter the reference to the site and its description. Choose a tariff, press the Further button. Adjust appearance of a form of SMS billing. In the last window click "A form code" and copy a code to publish SMS billing on the website. Insert the received code into the Body tag of the web page.