To watch the movie the Swing or not?

To watch the movie the Swing or not?
It is possible to call this movie one of the best domestic (modern) melodramas. In leading roles - Maria Mironova and Andrey Merzlikin. About what narrates this movie?

The main character of the movie works in special troops. It strong, brave, friends call it precisely "sledge hammer". It in everything and with all is strict. It thaws only before one person on light, before the beauty the wife. But the wife on the nature not the balanced person, it eternally searching, itself does not know that wants in life and from life. At spouses the daughter grows.
The wife happens leaves from the house, without explaining where goes and when returns. Then "sledge hammer" goes it to look for. It always finds the wife and brings her by force home. He loves it madly therefore does not abuse it even in case takes away it from the apartment of the man.
And there live spouses, the wife periodically leaves on the left, the husband literally privolakivat it home. But once it everything bothers the main character, he leaves with the daughter to live to other woman... And only now his spouse understands that it is actually necessary for her also whom she loves.
I recommend to watch the movie "Swing" very much to all women, the movie clings for the most live...