How to breed decorative rabbits

How to breed decorative rabbits

Cultivation of decorative rabbits – business troublesome also demands many efforts. Besides, factory owners spend considerable financial means for purchase and maintenance in a due condition of cages, and also the rabbit first-aid kit with all necessary preparations.

It is required to you

Spacious cage, ditch for toilets (it is desirable two), a feeding trough, a drinking bowl, hay and sawdust, compound feed for feeding, a salt stone, special branches for grinding of teeth, brushes for combing, toys, the first-aid kit.

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The attention is necessary for rabbits 24 hours per day, especially, in time and after pregnancy. They become ready to cultivation approximately by 8 months. But the partner is "demanded" much earlier, by 4 months therefore on an early time it is better to give to a rabbit a soft toy of the size of him. During puberty the rabbit is aggressive, "marks" the territory, digs, tries to build a nest, scatters everything around.

The female can have a false pregnancy (irrespective of, whether there was a sexual contact or not). She starts dragging hay for a nest and to tear up from herself wool. Stop any attempt of a female to build a nest. Give it more chance to take a walk and occupy it with games.


The real pregnancy lasts about 30 days (plus or minus 2-3 days). Pay attention to a diet of a doe-rabbit, but also do not overfeed. Do not deprive of it calcium. Put future mother in more spacious cage and hold far away from a male. Do not allow strangers to take a pregnant doe-rabbit on hands at all. To understand, how many she waits for kids, it is possible by means of a palpation. But do not feel a female if you never did earlier it. You very easily can do much harm and it, and the krolchata which yet were not born.

One week prior to childbirth try not to let out a female to walk, put a nested lodge, the day before carry out disinfection of a cage. Surely take care of that at the time of delivery there was an expert from a vetlechebnitsa. If everything passes successfully, couple, the three or the five decorative krolchat will be born.

Practically do all other actions for cultivation and feeding of kids under supervision of the expert. Subtleties will arise much: beginning from that mother can die at childbirth, finishing with not shown maternal instinct. It is impossible to bring up newborn babies without maternal milk. If it was gone not at once, and some weeks later, skilled factory owners recommend to get artificial milk for puppies or kittens. Feed krolchat by means of a pipette with several openings. If the doe-rabbit has milk, provide to kids a free access to nipples.

At insufficient leaving of a female wash out damp warm fabric anuses krolchat and watch a condition of their eyes, teeth, claws and the general development. If in it there is no urgent need, do not take away cubs from a female until it executes at least one and a half months. Do not forget that kids is necessary also to impart. This and other issues on development of decorative pets resolve strictly with the veterinarian.