How to make kneecaps

How to make kneecaps

Kneecaps – a useful thing which can be useful to all: to motorcyclists, skateboarders, scooters, football players and even to the most ordinary summer residents. About professional athletes everything is clear: they always use firm kneecaps from the best producers. And how to be to amateur boys, at which with pocket money tugovato, or to summer residents who do not have need to buy "abrupt" production for weeding of a kitchen garden? The cheap and easy exit is: kneecaps from … plastic bottles!

It is required to you

Plastic bottles; Moment glue; soft rag; pricker; big pin or big portny; wide elastic bands.

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Advantages of this way are obvious: it is not necessary to spend big money for purchase of the "real" kneecaps, there is no need to invent extravagant ways of tailoring of these necessary details from skin, a leather substitute and to fill this "skin" any stuff "for softness". And, besides, plastic kneecaps – almost weightless thing which takes very few place thanks to what it can be taken with herself anywhere.


Cut out from a bottle a rectangle – a guard for protection of knee joints. Can make it more or less: depending on your personal comfort and, of course, physical parameters. The optimum sizes – 15 centimeters up and 15 centimeters down if to consider from the patella. Thanks to such "pattern" the kneecap will not disturb a muscle work and joints, will not constrain movements and painfully to crash into skin.


From the inside of plastic guards accurately lay a soft rag. That it did not "go" inside and constantly did not take off, it is better to paste it to plastic by means of glue.


From sides of each plastic detail the pricker or a big pin make openings – on two for each guard.


Insert elastic bands which will hold kneecaps on your feet into openings. Elastic bands it is better to insert the big: then they can be adjusted easily to the size of a foot and to stick.