How to be always desired

How to be always desired

We were spoken by mothers, the senior girlfriends and all of us read in clever books that when the love period at a married couple passes into love, this equal, quiet and confidential feeling replaces with itself passion. The husband and the wife love and are faithful each other, but that desire which they had until recently, they do not test any more. Yes, at some couples it quite so also happens but if the woman wants to be always desired for the husband, she should make simply some efforts and to correct the behavior.

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Try to keep intimate secret in the relations with the husband, it is not obligatory to share with all of them the most intimate, for this purpose there are heart-felt girlfriends. You have to have the territory of soul where the husband is not allowed. At the moments of proximity communicate with darling by means of hands, a smile, a look.


Do not become the loving mother for the husband, do not extend the maternal instincts to the beloved, do not sponsor him even if strongly worry about it. Remain for it always the weak, fragile woman who simply is required to be loved and protected, indulged and caressed. Always emphasize and notice those daily feats which he makes in your honor.


Do not lose the sexual attractiveness and always watch yourself and the appearance. If you have a choice to arrange clear-out in the apartment or to spend time in a Spa salon, always choose salon. Having relaxed and having had a rest there, you will every other day be moved away the apartment twice faster, is more qualitative and with good mood. Exclude from the house clothes old-womanish dressing gowns and training trousers with the extended knees.


Do not pout on trifles and do not dare to give in to bad mood, gloomy, eternally dissatisfied wife will hardly cause passionate desire in the spouse, after all the women, cheerful, easy on rise who were full of with vital forces are attractive. And never punish the husband lack of sex, it is one of the most widespread mistakes. Do not hesitate in a bed. Behind doors of a matrimonial bedroom you – together around the world. Show the trust and love to the husband, do not constrain the desires and erotic imaginations.


Have the private life, the interests and hobbies, the circle of contacts and the friends. Anything so does not attract and does not excite the man as consciousness of that his woman is attractive and desired for others that she causes interest and all want to communicate with her.