How to stick together the model

How to stick together the model

Evident demonstration does clear even the most difficult explanation. Therefore if it is necessary to show you well and effectively the idea and to infect with idea of people around, add the project with the model which is stuck together from paper.

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Learn all parameters of object which you want to represent in the form of the model. Write down them and transfer to suitable scale.

Mentally spread out object to simple geometrical figures of which it consists. Make development of each of figures, considering a proportional ratio of its parties in reality.

To the sizes of details into which other elements of the model will be inserted, add 2-4 mm (depending on paper thickness).

On each development finish valves for connection of parts of the model. They have to be squared, with the rounded-off corners. If any detail needs to give roundish outlines, divide valves into small pieces (1-3 cm), between pieces leave on 2 mm of free space.

Transfer preliminary drawings to paper from which you will create the model. It has to be rather rigid (the more the model, the is more dense paper), but thus not withdrawal pains that all places of bends remained ideally equal. For models of the average sizes water color paper or multi-colored paper will be suitable for a pastel. It is also possible to pick up a cardboard, but it is important to find that which surface nonslipping, porous – such material grabs glue better.

On seamy side of paper designate a pencil of a place of bends. Apply a ruler to such piece and draw a line a stupid rigid subject. It will provide the accurate direction of a bend and lack of zalom.

Cut out all components of the model. To receive equal cuts, take scissors which length of edges slightly exceeds line length. As much as possible open the tool and "pass" a piece one pressing. Also details can be cut out a model knife. Apply a ruler to the line, establish a knife perpendicular to a leaf surface, the corner between an edge and the line of a section has to make about 30?. Without pressing carry out a knife from beginning to end of a piece. Then repeat the line two-three more times that paper was for certain cut through. After each ready detail break off the used edge fragment that the knife remained ideally sharp.

Bend details in the planned directions. Collect the model without glue to be convinced that all parts approach. Then on one grease valves with glue and connect elements with each other. Leave the ready model to dry for days.