How to increase range of a portrayal

How to increase range of a portrayal

Range of a portrayal of textures is a term which is applied in computer games. It is convenient when the player sees ahead of himself gradually appearing new objects in advance. If updating happens too late, it is necessary to increase range of a portrayal which can depend not only on settings, but also on qualitative characteristics of the videocard.

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Productivity of any game is influenced by settings graphics. Before beginning game control, put minimum acceptable permission, and Resource Cache, on the contrary, on a maximum.

Put those versions of shaders which at you are supported. A romper suit change settings in the options "Range of Big Objects", "Range of Small Objects" and "Specification".

Move a romper suit, will not achieve the necessary range of a portrayal yet. Also pay attention to "Quality of shadows" and "Quality of vegetation". Do not put a romper suit on a minimum or a maximum. On a minimum of shadows will not be in general, and on a maximum of a shadow small objects that is not really convenient during fight will cast even. The last adjust quality of textures in average situation.

Find the INI catalog in the folder of game. In it ini-files are located. Remove contents of logo.ini in which starting commercials, mistakes and other problems which can brake the game course are stored.

Pass to the ge3.ini file. Be engaged in control graphics. Change value in lines of VegetationAdmin.Quality=high and Vegetation Admin.View Range=3500.0. They are responsible for range and quality of a portrayal of a grass and can have high, med and low values.

In the line Animation.Max Rag Dolls = 999 the number of animations which can be at the same time traced by a cursor is specified. Change range of a portrayal of objects in lines:
- Distance High.fFar Clipping Plane_High = 10000.0;
- Distance High.fFar Clipping Plane_Medium = 8000.0; Distance High.fFar Clipping Plane_Low = 6000.0;
- Distance Low.fFar Clipping Plane Low Poly Mesh_High=100000.0;
- Distance Low.fFar Clipping Plane Low Poly Mesh_Medium=45000.0;
- Distance Low.fFar Clipping Plane Low Poly Mesh_Low=20000.0.
Here it is possible to establish range of the review several times more, than in the menu of the game.

Change range of a portrayal by means of spendthrifts. It is possible to download them on various Internet resources. Copy files fashion in the catalog with game. If such files already exist, replace them. Fashions correct errors of game and do graphics better.