How to transfer the apartment to uninhabited fund

How to transfer the apartment to uninhabited fund

To pick up the good room under office in places of big passability of people not so simply. In the market of real estate of such areas noticeable deficiency. Therefore, without thinking twice, the businessman buys the apartment on the first floor of the building with the purpose to transfer it to uninhabited fund. But if not to consider feature of concrete premises, it is possible to spend money, forces, time and to remain thus with zero result. To make an apartment transfer in uninhabited fund, it is necessary to study rules even before purchase of real estate.

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First of all, estimate the apartment regarding possibility of the transfer to uninhabited fund on the existing number of requirements. You have to be the owner of the room in whom there are no registered citizens. The apartment has to be on the first floor, and to it it is possible to equip a separate entrance. Transfer of housing to uninhabited fund on the top floors is allowed only if directly under this room already there are offices. The housing should not be burdened with the rights of the third parties. And at last, the house should not be subject to demolition or stand in plans of capital repairs. If these requirements are fulfilled, it is possible to pass to the following stage safely.


Prepare necessary documents, having ordered them in appropriate authorities. You can charge this part of work to the law firm specializing on transfer of real estate to uninhabited fund. But if you decided it to make independently, it is necessary to stock up with patience. You will need the conclusions of State Sanitary and Epidemic Control, the Gospozharnadzor, technical data sheet of BTI, the floor-by-floor plan and an explication. Make an extract of the house register about absence living in the apartment. Receive the certificate of the MISINFORMATION of a functional purpose of the rooms which are on the same floor, as the housing transferred to uninhabited fund. Make the technical conclusion on the apartment and the conclusion of the organization serving the house.


If you decided to make re-planning and any extensions, you will need to receive on this permission. Charge to experts production and coordination of the project of re-planning. If your room is in historical part of the city, most likely, you will need also permission of the Architect of the city and the Commission on protection of Monuments of Architecture.


Write the application and deliver a package of documents to the commission on the transfer to uninhabited fund in a city administration. Apply the papers confirming the property right, and also proving your identity (for legal entities - Constituent documents). The submission of documents in regional administration can also be charged to the companies specializing on this kind of activity.


After consideration of your documents by the commission you receive the resolution on the transfer of the apartment to uninhabited fund and can be engaged in reorganization of the room. On completion of works the city administration will appoint the commission for acceptance and commissioning now of the uninhabited areas.


The final stage is a registration of your right for a non-residential premise in Registration chamber. This stage of works can also be entrusted to lawyers.