How to start the carburetor engine

How to start the carburetor engine

Carburetor engines are more rare, but still are installed on cars. Its main advantage - simplicity of use and service unlike engines of injector system. In certain cases get such engine it can to be difficult.

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Open a cowl. First of all, it is necessary to pump up gasoline in a float-operated chamber of the carburetor. Existence of the fuel filter which besides a filtration can also to show the moment when it is already enough gasoline in the carburetor is very important. Pumping is carried out manually by means of a gasoline pump which to be under the breaker distributor. From one side there is a pad. Press it until gasoline does not fill the most part of the filter.


Get into the car. If the car stood long time at a low temperature, it makes sense to warm up battery electrolyte. It can be made by means of light of headlights, having included them for some seconds. Further completely extend the air gate which on a slang of drivers is called "suction". Squeeze out coupling. The check point lever has to stand in neutral situation.


Start the car. Do not twist a starter more than 10 seconds. It will lead to that you put the accumulator. Also it can cause malfunction of a starter. Start the car from the third attempt better. The first two will warm the engine. During scrolling of a starter press an accelerator pedal approximately on a third of its course. After the car is started, you will hear a characteristic sound of high turns of rotation of a cranked shaft. In process of warming up of the car start closing the air gate. Turns will start falling.


Watch turns by means of a tachometer. If you close the gate at once, the car will decay. The heated-up car has to hold idling in 700-800 turns. Thus the air gate has to be completely closed. Along with it smoothly release coupling.