How to store a beads

How to store a beads

The name of treasures assumes their storage in secret places. A beads, especially from natural stones, possesses live power and demands careful storage and careful leaving.

It is required to you

Velvet napkin, casket, fabric sack, swept.

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Consult at the employee of shop how to store a beads when you get them. It is necessary to possess at least initial information on the bought minerals that they served you more long.

At storage of a beads consider that natural stones and minerals and products from them possess individual properties. The chemical composition defines their way of storage and cleaning. Otherwise your beads can simply lose the attractiveness and will cease to emphasize your beauty. Periodically get them on light and air and wipe a velvet napkin.

Store your treasures in various caskets or fabric sacks. Fabric can be different: velvet, silk, flax, etc. It is important for the reason that metal components of a beads do not love contacts with other metals in view of oxidizing and other chemical processes. Besides, they can scratch other beads. To protect a beads from oxidation, put a small piece of chalk in a casket or a sack.

Store a pearl beads, having wrapped ornament in natural silk. In the absence of possibility of that use, it is possible to take any other natural material. If your jewelry is in the dry and hot room, it is necessary to put near them a vessel with water to provide to stones the necessary humidity. From a lack of moisture nacre on pearls grows dull. Do not store your pearl beads in a plastic bag and similar plastic packings for the same reason. Do not use vatu. You can not know that it contains chlorine and other chemical components. And after all even weak influence of acids can spoil pearls.

Store turquoise in a dark and damp place as it can react to presence of the organic substances which are a part of cosmetics and to change the color. And here a beads from pink quartz becomes more pale if too long lie on the sun.

Accurately treat your beads. Remove and dress them with care, do not stretch. Get special holders or a bust if you often use them. If for some reason you stop carrying some of them, clean and move away them.