How to check the individual entrepreneur

How to check the individual entrepreneur

Business activity conceals in itself many reefs and heavy financial and property responsibility. To insure himself from fraud, short-lived firms, sudden tax audits and illegal transactions, it is necessary to check contractors, suppliers and clients regarding that the businessman really exists and it is registered, and with it there will be no risks and difficulties.

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Before beginning business cooperation with the individual entrepreneur and to sign the contract for a notable sum of money, request from the potential contractor or the buyer of the copy of documents, confirming the right to be engaged in business activity. It is OGRNIP, an INN, the license (if activity is subject to licensing).

The abbreviation of OGRNIP is deciphered as "The main state registration number of the individual entrepreneur" and is specified in the Certificate on the state registration of the natural person which to it was granted by tax authority. The document has the hologram, protective drawing, a series and number confirming the fact of entering of record into the Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs. On the Certificate there is a press of tax authority and the authorized signature.


Check of an INN of the individual entrepreneur can be carried out in any office of tax service or on the Internet. The abbreviation of an INN is deciphered as "identification number of the taxpayer". It is the document with a digital code for the accounting of taxpayers in the Russian Federation.

To understand, in what tax service the natural or legal entity is registered, look at the first four figures of an INN. It will also be a subdivision code of Federal Tax Service. The first four figures of an INN at the businessmen working in the same territorial district coincide.


For fuller information receive in tax service an extract from EGRIP. Access to a database can be free (partial data) or paid (full data), but this information is public and contains a full list of the individual entrepreneurs registered in the territory of the Russian Federation. The data containing in EGRIP is a name, a floor, nationality, a birth date and birth place, data of the document on the identity card and the residential address, date of the state registration of the natural person as SP and other information.

If instead of an extract issued you the document on absence of data, it is an occasion to prick up the ears. It means that this individual entrepreneur does not exist.


For check of the individual entrepreneur collect information from open sources. It is possible to find responses, complaints or their absence, data on business in the Internet.


You checked all data and are ready to sign the contract with the individual entrepreneur. Before the businessman puts the signature, check his passport. If identification took place successfully, it is possible to sign the document.