How to be the leader in collective

How to be the leader in collective

The person sotsialen by the nature and therefore a natural form of his existence is collective. But all of us know, what even in those collectives which unite people on an equal basis (community), always through some time there is a leader, and even not one. This place seems to much honourable and assuming special privileges, but not to occupy it from everyone, it can turn out. To be the leader in collective, it not only is honourable, but also it is difficult.

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First of all, such person has to possess set of leadership skills, separately they can be inherent in many members of collective, but only the leader will have their complex. Of course, here it is possible to refer commitment, justice, the will to win, ability to prove the case and to lead. One more, nearly the main quality of the leader is ability to assume responsibility. If you possess all these qualities, then start acting.


If you got in new to you, but the collective which for a long time developed, do not hurry. Study and adhere to the rules existing in it, define the hierarchical relations, get accustomed to leaders. Ask council in the difficult situations connected with work listen to those councils which give you voluntary. Start meeting other members of collective, finding approach to everyone. Answer questions of yourself, but without intimate details. Take part in life of collective, in joint actions.


Do not deny the assistance, but never do it contrary to own interests. Do not hide that knowledge and skills which you possess, share them if you about it are asked. Observe a neutrality in all conflict situations until all details of the incident are found out. Observe corporate ethics and with anybody do not discuss, and, especially, do not condemn policy of the company and moral shape of the administration. For this purpose there are family members who will not tell anybody about it.


Prove the right for leadership by the knowledge and that benefit which you will bring to collective. Never attribute to yourself achievements, even if mostly in them – your merit. Be benevolent, never afford indulgent or offensive tone in relation to colleagues.


Following all these rules, you will not spend a lot of time to become not simply equal member of the new collective, but also authoritative and dear informal leader.