How to look through videos

How to look through videos

Having for the first time connected to the Internet, you have almost unlimited opportunities. A set of entertainments, games, viewing of videos - now it everything becomes to you available. Let's notice that viewing of videos demands from users of certain settings of the browser.

It is required to you

Computer, Internet access.

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If to speak in brief, to look through videos in a network rather simply. The user starts reproduction of video interesting him and enjoys viewing. But it only briefly. Actually everything is slightly more difficult, than can look initially. So for viewing of videos on the Internet you have to equip the browser with the special software – a flash player. Let's talk how it can be made.


The flash player which is most extended today – Adobe Flash Player. It is necessary for comfortable viewing of videos on the Internet. To establish this addition to the browser, you need to visit the official site of the developer: On this resource click the section "Downloads" (the reference is located in a site cap).


On the opened page press the Get Adobe Flash Player button. Execute loading of the application on your computer then install it. For correct installation you should close the Internet observer.


After the flash player is established, you will be able to look through videos in a network. If you wish to relieve yourself of loading of excess plug-ins, you can arrive a little differently.


Open the Internet observer established on your computer. Enter the following URL into its address line: You will be readdressed on the page where will be able to download the Google Chrome browser. This browser possesses unsurpassed speed of Internet surfing and is the best observer from all existing. Moreover, in it all components for viewing of videos on the Internet are by default built-in. Download an installer of the browser and establish it on the personal computer. Now you will be able to take pleasure in comfortable viewing of video.