How to read that the read was remembered

How to read that the read was remembered

To read and remember at sight is important skill which can be useful at education and in professional activity. Ability to read so that read instantly was remembered, allows to save time a great lot. It is especially useful when receiving the higher education when loading considerably increases during session delivery. This skill will allow you to concentrate on the contents without derivation on process.

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Get acquainted with the book which you want to remember. Sometimes, it does not make sense to read the book from cover to cover (if it, of course, not a work of art). To remember the important facts from the book, thumb through it, examine headings, find eyes keywords and ideas and if it is possible, write down some phrases in a notebook if necessary to refresh the necessary information in mind. This method approaches when studying lectures or any other material before examination. After preliminary acquaintance postpone the book for about 30 minutes to allow information to be postponed in the head. Then it is possible to go deep into reading the necessary heads.


Read in a quiet and peaceful place. Be convinced that you can plunge into reading, at least, for about 20-30 minutes without interruption. Sit down it is collected, directly, put feet on a floor, and the book at an angle of 45 degrees in relation to you, use special deliveries for books.


Learn to read till some lines of the text at the same time. It can be reached, having a little practised. Our brain has ability to understand the text when reading both forward, and back, and even on a diagonal. Reading till some lines, you perceive the text blocks, and therefore then visually easily remember blocks if necessary.


Realize that you just learned, right after reading. Spend for it some minutes and even write down everything that you can remember. Process of scoring or writing of that information which was just read, helps your brain to record the gained knowledge. Besides it will confirm that fact once again that you managed to remember material and to keep it in the head.


Create catches for important points read that with ease to remember them. One of the checked ways to remember read quicker is to create a number of associations or catches on which you will be able "to hang up" the memoirs. Any catch will pull out further the block of the necessary knowledge from your head. For example, you can create the list from ten points and associate each of them with a certain subject in your room. Visualization of these points creates sequence of information in your head concerning these subjects. It is creative approach to storing read, but very effective. Mind seeks to remember things in pictures which are brighter in our memory.