How to receive the Visa card

How to receive the Visa card

Only the bank worker can understand all variety of types of plastic cards. One of the most widespread and popular types among the population of the majority of the countries is Visa. Plastic cards are intended for non-cash payment of goods or services by their owners and for receiving cash from the card account in ATMs or terminals. Recently the Visa cards are often used at online shopping or in offline trade.

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It is possible to receive the Visa card in any bank. For this purpose it is necessary to take only the passport, an identification code (INN) and to come into the nearest bank or its office. The bank worker will offer some types of the Visa cards, you will need to choose for yourself more acceptable depending on the purpose of registration of the card.

If you plan to go abroad shortly, it will be best of all to issue more high-class plastic card as for their holders there is a number of additional services and discounts in the majority of shopping centers and shops.

During registration of a card, the bank worker will make a photocopy of your civil passport and an identification code then it will be necessary to undersign on each page. Then your data will be brought in base of bank that will take no more than 20 minutes, further the employee of bank will print out the standard contract, the questionnaire and the operating tariffs in duplicate, on each of which your signature will be required.

One copy you will be given out together with a card, the second remains in bank. Production of a card will take from 3 to 7 working days. When the Visa card is ready, you will need to take away it only. Period of validity of the card makes one year, after this time it will be necessary to address to bank for rerelease of the card. The card with the expired term needs to be handed over in bank for utilization.

If the plastic card is necessary for you urgently, and abroad you are not going to leave, it is possible to receive an instant card, but in that case on its face the surname and a name of the holder, for the rest such card will not be put differs with nothing from any other. At registration of the instant map it will not be required to expect some days before its receiving, will issue you it together with the PIN code within half an hour.

It is preferable to provide in bank for registration of a plastic card the international passport as the name and a surname of the holder on the face are carried out in English and have to coincide with data of the international passport completely. In case of a mistake you will not be able to use a card abroad. Besides, to more high-class Visa card the international insurance policy which will be necessary during a trip abroad is free of charge made out.