How to repair rims

How to repair rims

Automobile disk brakes are more effective, in comparison with brakes which are equipped differently. However they are more subject to wear. Repair of the damaged or worn-out disk at desire it is possible to make independently.

It is required to you

— set of keys;
— hexagon;
— screw-drivers.

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Check first of all existence of all details in brakes (covers, boots and so forth). After that wash out all components of brake system, including disks.

Investigate fastening of the brake machine. That to make it, do the following. Weaken bolts which the disk of a wheel and a brake disk fix. It is undesirable to turn off them completely. Then pay attention to the adjusting bolt which is on the brake machine. Often it is necessary to use a hexagon. After undertake a platform and disconnect it from a rack, having weakened bolts which fix them. After relaxation unscrew bolts completely, and then disconnect a brake hose.

Remove then the machine from the second rod then turn off rods of brake shoes. After get a tin bracket and blocks. Get after that the piston, clean it and replace (at strong wear) rubber cuffs which are in the cylinder. When get cuffs, try not to damage them.

Clear again the piston after replacement. Then apply a thin film of sealant and get on it new cuffs. Then grease a design with the fulfilled brake fluid and with limit accuracy enter the cylinder on the place. At installation track that all details stood exactly that brakes did not refuse process of the movement of the car.