How to pump over the Happy farmer

How to pump over the Happy farmer

"The happy farmer" – one of the most popular games from application developers on a social network of "VKontakte". The player plants the kitchen garden with plants from which then receives a crop, grows up pets, gives flowers nice to it to people and, certainly, raises the rating. If you want that your level in game was higher, than at friends, you can quickly pump over game and achieve good results.

It is required to you

- addition "Robot farmer" or "Farmebot".

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In the game "Happy Farmer" you can get various plants, land on beds, and then reap from them a crop, receiving for it money and experience. If to choose plants not on beauty, and on the speed of maturing and number of experience which they bring, it is best of all to put turnip at the beginning. The kitchen garden can also be fertilized that considerably will accelerate turnip growth.

If you have some accounts of "VKontakte", you can install the application on all your pages. Come from additional accounts on the farm and throw up on beds of worms. After that come under the real name and destroy wreckers is will add to you a rating.

In "The happy farmer" it is possible to get various decors for the kitchen garden. They decorate a farm and raise the player's rating. Pay attention that upon purchase of a decor in Rainbow style, you get more experience, than upon purchase of other designs.

On a farm it is possible to grow up flowers, and then to give them to friends. Nevertheless, developers assume that you can present flowers to yourself. It will increase degree of your charm and will help to move to a new level rather.

Grow up caviar and a peanut. Applying the super - fertilizers it is possible to earn a huge number of money and points for a small period.

Get plant on production of chips and start growing up the vegetables necessary for release of the most expensive product. After you make the crackling potato, your experience and finance will promptly spread up.

Quickly to pump over game, it is necessary to spend a lot of time on the Internet. However national handymen created a set of programs which will water beds and to reap a crop for you. You can establish such additions as "Robot farmer", "Farmebot", and you should not be all day online, pumping over game.