Fast kitchen How to prepare buckwheat cutlets with mushrooms?

Fast kitchen How to prepare buckwheat cutlets with mushrooms?
Buckwheat with mushrooms a tastiness indisputable, but as it is known, everything becomes boring. The favourite dish can be improved and prepared a little bit from the same products unusual cutlets. They prepare without eggs and in order that forcemeat was more viscous and cutlets did not collapse during frying, a few potatoes or starch are added. Also it is possible to fry as usual cutlets.

Necessary products

Dry buckwheat – 1 glass
Fresh champignons – 500 grams
Three bulbs
Salt and black ground pepper to taste
Vegetable oil
One – two potatoes
Fresh greens of fennel, parsley


To wash out, fill in buckwheat with two glasses of boiled water, to salt, bring to boiling. To lower fire to a minimum, to cover and cook to readiness. To slice mushrooms, onions – cubes, to fry in vegetable oil. To shift ready mushrooms in the blender and to crush to homogeneous mass. To mix mushrooms and buckwheat, to add the crushed greens, to pepper, salt. To grate potatoes or to add a little starch that forcemeat was viscous.

Wet hands to stick together cutlets, to roll in them in breadcrumbs and to fry in vegetable oil on small fire. When all cutlets are ready, to put their pan, to put in a warm oven and to potomit 5 – 10 minutes under a cover.