Whether there is an interrelation between loneliness and problems with a blood pressure?

Whether there is an interrelation between loneliness and problems with a blood pressure?
The American scientists established that the lonely people lacking for communication more others are subject to diseases, including, to increase of a blood pressure and developing of heart troubles.

Scientists declare that the loneliness negatively influences an organism on an equal basis with smoking, causes a stress and a depression. Doctor Luís Hokli considers loneliness as risk factor for health.

Adults from 50 to 68 years, as the most subject to loneliness an age category took part in research. 229 people participating in experiment divided into groups, in one of which there were lonely people, in another – long ago consisting in the relations. Despite presence of partners which not always rescues from loneliness, research was conducted by a testing method.

Experiment lasted for five years that allowed to study various aspects of human health carefully. The most noticeable against other diseases was increase of arterial pressure which appears not at once, and after 2 – 4 years after the person felt the lonely. The person is more lonely, the it is more at him than problems with a blood pressure.

Research allowed to understand why mortality from heart diseases increases. If earlier it was connected with gene predisposition, improper feeding, today there is clear its true reason. Acceleration of rates of life instead of promoting communication of people, depersonalizes them, people become small screws in the huge economic car. With age the focus of interest is narrowed, there is still a bigger deficiency of communication, as a result – feeling of loneliness, increase of arterial pressure and cardiovascular diseases.