Options of furniture of a hall

Options of furniture of a hall
The person of the house or apartment – a hall. After all when guests come, they can estimate as far as will comfortably feel themselves in the master's apartment, having hardly taken of a hall a view. And owners, coming back home from somewhere, will feel some pacification, having entered a hall where the cosiness reigns. And here is how to achieve it – depends on creative approach of each certain owner. Anyway, wishing to create the pleasant atmosphere in all the house, it is necessary to begin with a hall.
The options offered in article are most actual in the conditions of small halls though not to a lesser extent they can be interesting and useful to owners of apartments the area of halls in which does not constrain the sizes. The storeroom-wardrobe In Europe into the account of halls is slightly simpler. In many houses, having stepped over a threshold, you get at once to a drawing room, the hall is as if excluded not to create to itself excessive problems with design and other nuances of a situation. On the other hand, in such houses the drawing room is always adjoined by the small room carrying functions wardrobe.
In the conditions of the apartment such option is almost impossible, behind an exception, unless, some plannings of apartments where from a corridor one of doors conducts to the small storeroom. However, there, as a rule, settle seldom used things, but if at the end of a room to make on all wall a case with mezzanines for unnecessary trifles, the remained space can perfectly be used as wardrobe. Also it is desirable that it was the sliding wardrobe, with two doors on a sled, then the opening doors will not take a place in the storeroom, already small on the area. Is below quite acceptable to arrange the moving-forward boxes. Mezzanines too can be made with the moving apart doors. 50 cm of depth for such case will be more than enough.
Having arranged such wardrobe, it will be possible not to adapt in a narrow corridor a hanger for clothes as the hanging coats and jackets quite often disturb movement. Instead Mirsovetov advises to hang up a big mirror, approximately in growth of the tall person, to 2 m. First, in such mirror it is convenient to look, and secondly – illusion of wider space is created, than is actually.
Mirrors visually broaden the room, especially, if to arrange a row some big mirrors, having whenever possible made imperceptible places of joints. A hall niche One more possible option for a small hall in case it represents as if the platform, a niche between rooms.
The arrangement of cases on niche platform corners will be the most successful. It will be cases columns, with horizontal section in the form of a square. Along a wall, in that place where cases will settle down, a plinth act. The bases of angular cases, in this regard, have to consist of boards or pieces of a chipboard, slightly more than height of plinth wide. The removed scraps of plinths will go along the bases of already established cases, emphasizing their fundamental nature, there will be such impression that cases are part of a wall.
In the center, between angular cases columns, it is possible to arrange a mirror, and over it – a regiment for hats (respectively below – a regiment for footwear). Support for shelves are fixed on outer sides of cases. If near a mirror to place a hanger with hooks for clothes, all area of a wall will be used as it is impossible more functionally. For end of the general composition, and also for acquisition of an occasional seat for storage of trifles, under a mirror it is possible to fix some more small shelves.
It is worth to rememberIt is worth to remember that thanks to light shades of wall-paper the room seems is more spacious, dark – on the contrary, visually narrow space. The long narrow corridor the Least convenient planning is the apartment (or the house) from the hall representing a long narrow corridor. Of course, at construction of the house, hardly someone will begin to cut down hall space to narrowness of catacombs, but when build for sale and want to save on materials in own favor (unfortunately, it happens also such), the house can narrow simply a little at the expense of a hall. And such trifle as the meter gained by the contractor (turning into quite good figures of the debit), becomes the reason of tortures of future owners. After all they should equip a hall with the maximum convenience moreover and that the deeds were pleasing to the eye.
So, available – a long narrow corridor. Definitely, cases and regiments will be not the best option for placement in a corridor. But after all in a hall sometimes it is necessary that some things were near at hand and outerwear too it is preferable to hang up closer to an entrance door, the same can be told and about footwear – to carry away it in depth of the apartment, to the next bedside table where the footwear can be put, it would be extremely inconvenient. But the exit is always, and, as a rule, not one. In our case there are two options. Mirsovetov will consider both, but for a start we will subject to the most detailed survey a corridor. First of all, never happened such that the corridor was width about an aperture of an entrance door. From door jambs, to walls there is a distance, at least, in 15-20 centimeters. Here it can also be used.
The first option – to arrange behind a door a narrow curbstone for footwear. After all there are such curbstones where the footwear settles down not parallel to a floor, and keeps within special "pockets" which move forward together with the doors which are leaning back on the opening. Of course, so you will not put boots, at an angle to a floor moreover in a narrow curbstone, but for them high offices below are, usually, provided. Most top "floor" of a curbstone also drawers, not really long, but for trifles can occupy the quite suitable. However, models of similar furniture happen different. It should be notedIt should be noted that such curbstone will not prevent to open a door and to movement will not prepyatstovovat, obviously. Over a shoe curbstone it is possible to fasten to a wall a number of hooks for clothes and umbrellas. By the way, it is possible to arrange all this and not only behind a door, and directly along a corridor wall, thanks to that the furniture rather narrow and, so will not take a lot of place. For large-size things to which there was no place in the apartment, it is possible to fit under a ceiling, directly over an entrance door, mezzanines.
The second option which can be offered, is the shoe curbstone modernized to a rack described above. Of course, the corridor will become a little already, but at the expense of mirrors and successfully located lighting the discomfort from excessive proximity of walls can be brought to naught. What will be a rack in a corridor? Depth of this rack will make all of centimeters 20, and it will be mounted directly on a wall, like a framework for gypsum cardboard installation. That is the whetstones fastened to a wall from a floor to a ceiling will form its basis. To them whetstones of the same section, but already parallel to a floor fasten. Their length pays off on a formula (Minus 2C), where – the estimated depth of a rack, and With – whetstone section. Why section is multiplied on 2? Yes because installation of the second group of the vertical whetstones fastening to horizontal will be the final stage of installation of a framework of a rack.
Further all design is sheathed where it is necessary, including here and crossing points between offices, best of all for this purpose will suit DVP or MDF as rather thin and strong material, doors from thick layered plywood are hung then, regiments (for them it is possible to use MDF strips) are put on support. Plywood before hanging as doors, it is desirable to varnish and when the varnish dries – to rub with polish. All openings, under door handles and under loops, are drilled in advance, before varnishing. Of course, you will not put the vacuum cleaner in such case, but to hang up outerwear quite perhaps and under a mop with a broom it is possible to take away any narrow office. And for trifles it is possible to adapt a set of boxes and shelves.

Summing up the result of all aforesaid, it is possible to notice that mirrors and lighting play an important role in creation of illusion of roominess of the room. The color scale of walls too, by the way, can influence visual expansion of space considerably. And the successful arrangement of furniture will create necessary, even in a hall, a cosiness and harmony. wardrobe, corridor, hall, case, sliding wardrobe