How to install the driver on the modem

How to install the driver on the modem

Connection to wireless networks is, as a rule, carried out by means of modems of a certain format. It is natural that these devices qualitatively carried out the tasks, it is necessary to use customized applications.

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Internet access.

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Begin with connection of the modem to the laptop or the desktop computer. In the first case, as a rule, use external devices which work with the USB interface. For desktop computers it is possible to get the PCI modem connected to the slot of the motherboard of the same name.

After connection of the modem turn on the computer. Wait until loading of an operating system comes to the end. Right after it process of initialization of the new equipment will begin. Wait for its end and emergence of the message on need of updating of the software.

Be connected to the Internet and pass to the site of the company which developed this modem. Practice shows that drivers to the majority of modems can be found on the similar sites. Download the software suitable for your modem and an active operating system.

Wait for completion of loading of the file installer and start it. Execute installation of the appendix and reboot. Activate the modem through the Device manager menu. Check operability of the device.

Quite often the files necessary for normal operation of the modem contain in archive. It means that you will not need to carry out installation of the software. Open the Device manager menu. Allocate with the right button of a mouse the name of the modem.

Specify the Update Drivers point and pass to a manual way of search of files. Wait for start of the conductor of Windows and choose the folder containing archive of files drivers.

After successful updating of drivers execute reset of the computer. Reconnect the modem if you use the external device. Try to carry out connection to wireless networks of the necessary type. Install the additional application if you need to perform detailed tuning of parameters of operation of the modem.