How to feed a catfish

How to feed a catfish

Somiki - popular inhabitants of house aquariums. In order that your pets felt comfortable, it is necessary to create to them favorable conditions for life and to learn correctly to feed these ground fishes. Before getting these or those somik experts advise to examine literature by this species of fishes as many of representatives somovy are predators and can regale with pleasure the small fishes of the smaller sizes living in your aquarium.

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In the world there are more than 2000 species of moustached fishes, many of which can be held in house aquariums (aquarians total about 800 such types). Most often in aquariums it is possible to see speckled somik, koridoras, brokhis, plekostomus, torakatum, antsistrus, bariantsistrus, skobiantsistrusy, pekoltiya, etc.


If in your aquarium there live only somik, it is necessary to feed them with a specialized forage for these species of fish. The forage can be got in pet-shop or in the Poultry market. As a rule, ready forages let out in shape tabletochek which at once sink, and then start being softened. Such form of release is most convenient as somik - ground animals, and more convenient to take a forage to them from soil.


If you have an aquarium where live not only somik, but also other small fishes, it is necessary to feed them with two types of a forage: one is selected under that type of small fishes who at you live, and the second is bought especially for somik. Some somik very quickly understand that they have an opportunity "to have a bite" and a usual forage therefore during feeding they rise to a feeding trough and with pleasure eat a forage from there.


In order that the diet of somik was full, besides a dry feed, they need to give and live. The crank and a trubochnik perfectly is suitable for this purpose. During feeding of fishes the part of worms gets on a bottom where buries in soil. Here from there they with pleasure will also be got by your somik.


If live plants grow in your aquarium, your somik will be provided with natural vegetable food. If the aquarium contains artificial plants, somika need to give in addition scalded lettuce leaves or cabbage. It is possible also to try to give a cucumber slice.


For additional food it is necessary to establish a mango snag or slices of bark of a coco in an aquarium. Somiki with pleasure will pick wood, and also with pleasure to hide in convenient shelter.