How to be learned on the conductor

How to be learned on the conductor

Work as the conductor of the train was always connected with romanticism. Opportunity to travel all over the half-countries attracts not only the students wishing to earn additionally on summer vacation, but also for whom the road – calling. It is possible to seize a new profession for only a few months.

It is required to you

- the questionnaire statement about receipt;
- medical certificate;
- 6 photos of 3х4 cm;
- copy of the passport;
- copy of the service record;
- copy of the document on education (certificate, diploma);
- copy of an INN;
- copy of the pension insurance certificate;
- military ID;
- copy of the medical policy.

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Learn about opportunity to be trained on the conductor of the railway car in local office of the Russian Railway, in a human resources department of passenger depot. It is possible to receive this profession in specialized educational institutions (colleges, technical schools, schools) or on short-term courses of the conductors organized at railway HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS or colleges. In specialized secondary educational institutions receiving a profession will take 9-10 months. Courses, depending on the curriculum, can last 1-3 months. On training men and women from 18 to 45 years with secondary education are accepted. But it is better to specify conditions directly at receipt. In most cases future conductors are trained absolutely free of charge.

Register in preliminary interview. For revenues to courses it will not be required to hand over any examinations, however it is important to make good impression on the commission on documents acceptance. Future conductor has to make impression of the balanced, responsible and accurate person. Pass medical commission and hand over all necessary documents. The conductor has to have good health and to be stress-resistant. Really approach an assessment of own health.

After studying of theoretical part you should get acquainted in practice with the car device, duties of the conductor, and then to pass examinations then you will be allowed directly before the work. Pass training, having gone to a trip with the conductor. Before training issue the sanitary book, pass all necessary doctors. After successful practical training you will be handed the certificate of the conductor of the railway car of the 3rd category. As a rule, on courses of conductors render assistance at employment for work (both temporary, and constant).

With the certificate of the conductor you can address to any office of the Russian Railway and learn about existence of free vacancies. Having completed advanced training courses two years later, raise the category to the 4th that will grant to you the right to go by firm trains and will positively affect a salary.