Why garlic leaves turn yellow?

Why garlic leaves turn yellow?
Often summer residents complain that from the beginning of active growth tips of leaves at garlic start turning yellow. Or in the spring everything is all right, and at the beginning of summer leaves get a yellowish shade. The reasons of such phenomenon can be a little, and most likely it is necessary to calculate by process of elimination.

Leaves can turn yellow because of non-compliance with terms of landing. In the fall garlic was planted too early, sprouts came to a surface before frosts and could freeze slightly late fall. Most often it occurs if beds with garlic for the winter did not cover humus or compost.

Plants do not gain nutrients, necessary for normal growth and development. The good harvest and strong plants can be received on the soil fertilized by organic fertilizers. In the fall when redigging to the soil humus, compost, peat is closed up. Mineral fertilizers are not recommended to be introduced in the fall, during the winter they will go together with rainfall to deeper layers of earth and it is simple to weak backs not to reach them.

Insufficient watering. In May – June during the intensive growth of greens and formation of heads garlic needs to be watered regularly.

Wreckers and diseases. The most dangerous wrecker of garlic – a stem nematode. These microscopic worms are almost impregnable, to struggle with them very difficult. If noticed on a bed some oppressed plants with the turned yellow leaves, take a shovel and accurately undermine one – two of them. Here the magnifying glass is useful, without it not to consider the wrecker. Examine a collum (the lower part of a bulb backs from where grow). The sign of presence of a nematode – a crack on a collum, the exfoliating scales, the drying-up backs, from bulbs of garlic proceeds an unpleasant smell. Do not throw out sick plants in compost, they need to be burned outside a site. To process the earth chemical fertilizers there is no sense, the garlic which remained on a bed will absorb chemicals, and it will be impossible to eat it at least two months from the moment of processing. As prevention recommend to land a thyme, a calendula at the edges of garlick landing, barkhatets, mint – these plants frighten off a nematode. It is impossible to plant garlic after onions – at these plants the general diseases.

Anyway, what would not be found the reason of yellowness of leaves, plants it is necessary to feed up complex mineral fertilizer (nitrofosky, ammofosky).