Who presented to the world of a sneaker?

Who presented to the world of a sneaker?
Very few people are familiar a name Adolf Dassler, but the sports boots which are thought up by it in the 20th year of the last century for run - sneakers and the Adidas company (adidas) founded by it in the 1948th year which name is taken from his name and the first letters of a surname, are known for much.

Dassler who is the ardent fan of sport intended to make rather comfortable footwear, for athletes. And it managed it. Since 1928 at the Amsterdam Olympic Games of a sneaker of Adidas firm (adidas) for the first time entered life of big-time sports.

Modern models of sneakers are supplied with special springs from high-elastic and extralight foam which were borrowed at race cars of "Formula One" and worked like a springboard. In their design also such "space" material, as kevlar is used. Existence in the last development of ventilating system allows to cool ideally those sites of foot which at the movement allocate bigger amount of heat, besides, it perfectly will amortize and influences stability of foot.

Appearance of sneakers too constantly changes: for example, instead of laces the zipper is applied, and thanks to the last achievements of new technology the top part of sneakers is made from so-called the "monkey paw" which is simply the second skin and the representing fabric which turns back round foot, creating feeling of full zero gravity and providing necessary support during the movement.