How to make waves

How to make waves

There are natural and artificially created waves observed in different environments. The basic principles of formation of many waves are similar. As an example we will consider creation of a sound wave.

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Find a sound source. The string of a guitar or other tool, an air column in a wind instrument, a plate or a membrane can be such source. As experiment any option will approach. The main thing that the source of a sound could be given to fluctuation easily. Let's tell, rigidly fixed steel rod will not suit us because we cannot just like that even get moving forward it.


Influence a sound source that it started fluctuating. It is very simple to bring the tense string into fluctuation. The amplitude of fluctuations will be wider, the stronger the sound wave will turn out (louder a sound). And vice versa - the less amplitude, the is more silent a sound.


Record existence of a sound wave. If you realized existence of a sound, so the wave by air reached your organs of hearing.


Stop fluctuation of a source of a sound. In experiment with a string it is enough to touch of it by a hand.


Be convinced of that the sound wave was gone. You will not hear a sound because the source of a sound is at rest. And now no wave by air extends.