Barley treatment

Barley treatment
An eye hurts... we look in a mirror – well indeed, the edge of an eyelid swelled up, reddened, to touch painfully. Means on this place there will be a barley. Barley is that other, as an inflammation of the hair bulb or a sebaceous gland which is on the edge of a century. Couple of days the swelled up a little place hurts, then there is a head, just as at an ordinary eel. When barley ripens, the head breaks and pus is emitted.
If immunity of the person good, barley quickly passes also all. And here at bad immunity can jump out at once several barley. It is already serious load of protective system of an organism: temperature increases, there can be a hypostasis of lymph nodes.
Therefore this material on Mirsovetov has to not only help to get rid of barley, and and to avoid mistakes at its treatment. First aid at barley When barley only starts appearing, it is possible to try prizhech a place of future barley. Be careful that the substance with which you will cauterize barley, did not get to you to an eye. It is possible to cauterize medical alcohol, iodine or brilliant green. During cauterization a sore eye needs to be closed. It is best of all to use a Q-tip – it rather thin not to get to an eye. To destroy an infection, it is enough to take the alcoholized cotton wool on a sore point within 20 minutes. Drug treatment of barley As any other inflammation, barley is effectively treated by antibiotics. It is possible to use the old checked albucid or 1% solution of erythromycin or penicillin. If you have an allergy to one of antibiotics (for example, on antibiotics of a penicillinic row) use an antibiotic from other group: for example, gentamycin. It is possible to buy more sormerenny antibiotic – tsiprolt or tobreks. It is necessary to dig in antibiotics 3-5 times a day. For the night we put for edge of a lower eyelid ointment – tetracycline or eritromitsinovy. When buy ointment and an antibiotic, specify in a drugstore what exactly these drugs are necessary to you for treatment of an eye – the druggist has to know, which ointment it is necessary for you. Ointment is put so: properly we wash hands, we squeeze out three-four millimeters of ointment (ointment dense, will not come off and will not fall) from a tube, the left hand slightly we delay a lower eyelid down, and the right hand accurately we put ointment. Ointment happens so viscous that it should be cleaned off literally about edge of an eyelid to separate the necessary part of ointment. Put ointment just before a dream – after ointment is distributed under a lower eyelid, you will see subjects as through opaque glass, and it is very inconvenient. Barley treatment by heat Many recommend to warm up barley. It really helps to get rid of barley, but there is one nuance. If to start heating barley Before the abscess is opened, you risk to strengthen an inflammation only. It is better to begin warming up when barley was already opened, that is there was a purulent separated. In house conditions boiled egg will be the best hot-water bottle for barley – wrap up it soft fabric not to burn skin of an eyelid and apply to a sore point. It is possible to warm up barley long, within several hours. Folk remedies against barley Are still the wildest folk remedy of treatment of barley – to spit to the patient in an eye... I think, you should not explain that the saliva of the person contains such quantity of microbes that the advantage of it will not be, but to infect an eye with any other infection quite perhaps. If nevertheless there was a well-wisher and spat to you in an eye, after eee... talk to this "doctor", wash up hands, wash out an eye boiled water and dig an antibiotic.
Less travmatichna folk remedies: 1 tablespoon of flowers of a calendula on a glass of boiled water. To make, allow to be drawn within half an hour and to do lotions on a lower eyelid.
For treatment of barley it is possible to do lotions of an aloe: to squeeze out juice of one leaf of an aloe, to add 10 parts of water (depending on that, how many it turned out juice) and to do lotions on 3 times a day.

Can happen so that barley will not be opened, and it will simply disappear is normal. That barley did not arise again, accept the polyvitamins immunostimulating preparations. Try not to overcool. While you have barley, you can be an infection source for the relatives, especially for children. Wash hands more often, the towel and ware have to be strictly individual. Until barley ripened, you will be disturbed by unpleasant feelings: all the time there is a wish to touch, rub a sore point. Always wash hands after a touch to a sore eye, so you will secure people around.
Mirsovetov does not advise at all to squeeze out pus! It not a usual spot. Having squeezed out barley, you risk to carry pathogenic bacteria on other covers of an eye, and with a blood-groove the infection can get to a brain. In general, it is undesirable to treat barley independently if there is an opportunity, surely descend to the oculist.
The doctor will appoint to you not only an antibiotic and ointment, you can receive the direction on physioprocedures, for example UVCh. It is necessary to visit the doctor if barley arose repeatedly (in a month after treatment of the first barley) or at emergence of several barley at the same time. In this case to you will appoint not only local antibiotics, but also pricks, or oral antibiotics.
Barley – a serious signal of an organism of immunity problems. It is more than fresh air, healthy food, it is less than alcohol and cigarettes – here pledge successful barley treatment.

Separate thanks of Linichenko L.A.,
to the ophthalmologist of the highest category
for consultation when writing article

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