How to clean the washing machine drum

How to clean the washing machine drum

Gradually on a drum and on a heating element of the washing machine it is postponed not only a layer of scale, but also other pollution. For this reason the probability of emergence of malfunctions increases. It is possible to solve a problem by means of special means.

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Buy special means for removal of a scum in the washing machine. Will not be suitable for clarification of teapots as it spoils rubber elements which settle down in a drum.

Fill powder directly in the washing machine drum or in a compartment for the main washing. Choose the most long program and turn on the device. Look at the recommended temperature of washing in the instruction which is attached to means for removal of a scum.

Use lemon acid if antinakipin for washing machines you did not find in shops. To clear a drum and a heating element, about 100 g of a pineapple are necessary. Temperature condition in this case has to be 60 degrees.

Wipe a drum and rubber elements of the machine a sponge or a brush if after procedure places was a dirt. If at you strongly shabby glass at a door, clean it GOI paste, then glass cleaner and mirrors.

Pour a little conditioner in a special compartment and once again start the washing machine, but only on the "conditioning" or "additional rinsing" program. It is necessary for more careful removal of a cleaner.

If you feel an unpleasant smell in a drum after cleaning antinakipiny, fill powder and include any program. As soon as the cycle of washing ends, open a door and leave a drum to be aired.

Call the master if are afraid to use chemical means for cleaning of the car of a scum. But it is worth noticing that professional tools differ on the structure of that it is possible to meet in shops a little.